D'Arts Dance Project – is the ballet, which impresses with its identity and unpredictability.

Each performance is a fascinating, mystifying, sarcastic story with the frank and sensual performance.

For the 10 years of being existed the Ballet has been impressed the Ukrainians and Europeans with its unique dance skills. 


Dancing with the stars (Ukraine)

Odessa Internationale Film Festival

Grand opening Hurawalhi hotel ( Dubai, 2017)

so you think you can dance 2016 ( Ukraine )

Grand opening Panama channel (Panama 2016)

Grand opening Hurawalhi hotel 2017( Kiev )

Presentation new BMW 7 series ( Ukraine 2015 )

Magnum Double Night (Istanbul 2016)

Confidence Pour (Kiev 2014)

The television project «The Battle of Choirs» (Ukraine, 2014)

Buddha-bar Gothic Style Halloween (Kiev, 2012)

D’Arts [dance project] Special guest of the ceremony of closing the Odessa International Film Festival

Prelude to the premiere of the show «20 steps to the left»

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Creation and implementation of conceptual performances

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D’Arts dance show

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Performances with singers

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Multimedia performance

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